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Fun and relaxation

Whether you are looking for fun or pure relaxation, in Bardolino you will find what you need. The cheerful “beach life”, the romantic sunset on the lake and the carefree summer nights will make your holidays unforgettable. You can enjoy all the different shades and entertainment suggestions of the region all year round.

There’s always something to do in Bardolino!

From the morning…

Spending the day on the beach is definitely one of the many opportunities Bardolino gives you to enjoy the mild climate of Lake Garda and dive into its clear water. Bardolino beaches are well equipped and easy to reach. Like almost all the lake shores, they are small lawn beaches or gravel beaches made of little smooth pebbles. Next to the “Rivalunga” promenade from Bardolino to Garda, there are free natural beaches with wide green areas where you can sunbathe. They are equipped with modern kiosks with food and drinks.

Among the rushes – indispensable natural purifiers of the lake waters – you will meet swans and ducks taking shelter there with their pups.

There is also a sport complex for young people with a public skate park and basketball court; it is located at the beginning of “Rivalunga” next to the big parking lot. On the other hand children can enjoy the wide and well equipped playground located behind the church of S.S. Nicolò e Severo, where they can play in the shade of the tall trees. Now, let’s go back to the beaches: Bardolino also holds private beaches such as the popular Lido Mirabello and Lido Cornicello beach clubs. Moving towards Lazise, along the cycling and pedestrian route, you will find small stone beaches where you can sunbathe; once in Cisano, you will find another free beach that is Lido Cisano, with wide green areas.
If you are tired of the shore and you need some exercise, you can rent a boat or pedalo through the designated points (you won’t need a boat license) or you can choose the boat ride to enjoy a relaxed trip around the lake. Do you want to spend a funny day while doing sport? There are a lot of things to do: parasailing, water skiing, rowing, kayaking, sailing and sup. Wine-lovers can enjoy the hinterland along the “Strada del vino Bardolino”: an itinerary you can follow on foot, by bike or car to discover the vineyards and farms of the region producing the famous “Bardolino” wine.

Go around the wineries and taste the famous “Bardolino” red wine or the “ “Chiaretto”.

Do you need to restore yourself? Bardolino offers a wide selection of Hotels with swimming pool, spa and wellness areas using the pure curative water of Monte Baldo. Do you love shopping? You’re spoilt for choice: the city centre shines through the windows of elegant fashion boutiques, small shops with food and wine specialities, souvenirs, gifts and much more. In summer shopping goes on up to late night, as shops are open until 11pm.
The streets of the city centre and their shops
Don’t miss the walk around the coloured stalls livening up the lakefront on Thursday morning with all kind of stuffs. Moving to Cisano, on Tuesday morning Piazza del Porto holds the weekly market during all summer. On Saturday morning it’s the turn of Calmasino holding the “0 km market” where you can buy natural foodstuffs directly from local producers. Are you an antiques enthusiast? On the third Sunday of each month Bardolino holds the Antiques Market: a lot of stalls selling period stuffs, modern antiques, handcrafts and hobby markets are open from 9am to 6pm in the village centre. the evening

When the sun goes down, enjoy the sunset while sitting at one of the numerous bars of the old town and the lakefront. A wide selection of cocktail bars, wine shops, pubs and ale houses where you can sip an aperitif, maybe just a glass of Bardolino or Chiaretto, together with tasty snacks. Then you just need to choose a place for dinner; you’ll have a huge selection of restaurants, trattorie and pizza restaurants. If you’re travelling with your kids, you will be probably tempted to end with a bang by having a tasty ice cream or a city tour on the electric train parked at Piazza del Porto. Do you want to stay out late? A good time is guaranteed at the numerous bars with dj sets or live music and the famous “Hollywood” discotheque: this large house with a view over the lake has been one of the most fashionable nightclubs of the area for more than thirty years. Numerous events liven up the village with music, kiosks and shows.

“Io penso che il divertimento sia una cosa seria” Italo Calvino

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Lake Garda attracts many sportsmen and women due to the mild climate and the natural environment, but also visitors usually accustomed to easy holidays, as it encourages them to experience new outdoor activities. It’s an exciting place to such an extent that it often holds sport races and events: marathons, racing bike and mountain bike races, trail and boat races such as the popular “Centomiglia”, a regatta that takes place on Lake Garda every year. Another interesting event is the “Regata delle Bisse”, a traditional rowing boat race with the “bisse”: historic boats dating back to age of the Republic of Venice. Fourteen lake towns join the competition including Bardolino. There are also car races such as the “Benacus rally” whose route starts from and ends in Bardolino twisting and turning through the hinterland.

Appassionante anche la “Regata delle Bisse”, tradizionale gara remiera che vede protagoniste le bisse: imbarcazioni storiche risalenti all’epoca della Repubblica Veneta. Alla competizione partecipano quattordici località del Lago, tra cui Bardolino.

Bardolino is also known for the “Bardolino International Triathlon”, the first triathlon competition arranged in Italy dating back to 1984. Athletes from all over the world join the race, trying their hand at swimming, cycling and running within an enchanting natural landscape. The Bardolino Triathlon is exciting and spectacular to such an extent that it always attracts a huge public. Together with these competitive but also folk events, Bardolino also offers the opportunity to practice sports within everyone’s means due to the key position between the lake, hills and mountains. You can choose among different sports, both on water and land, from the easiest ones to the most adventurous ones. In Bardolino you will certainly find the experience tailor-made just for you, to have fun and relax at the same time.

Water sports

If you love dynamic sports in close contact with water, you can’t miss the opportunities the lake gives you: from easy leisure activities such as parasailing, water skiing, sup and sport fishing to real sports such as swimming, rowing and canoeing. You can also go sailing and practice kitesurf or windsurf, but you will need to move to the northern Garda shore in order to take advantage of the favourable winds. If you want to go deeply into the lake and you are an expert in diving, you can dive in to discover its bottom among overhangs, rocks, caves and wrecks.

It is also a journey in search of the lake fauna that gives you the opportunity to meet some of the numerous fish species living there such as pike, eel, carp or lavaret, just to mention a few. It’s of prime importance that you know the exact place where you want to dive in; if you don’t, you can lean on a skin diving center. Don’t forget to take the buoy with you. There are also certified diving schools offering guided dives for all levels.

Land sports

Bardolino boasts a huge variety of landscapes: the inland hill country is as good as the lake shore as for charm and natural beauties. Here you can have an easy and relaxing walk among olive groves and vineyards, or practice outdoor yoga ; the most dynamic visitors can go jogging or trekking through the arduous routes. There are a lot of routes among the hills and woods that are worth discovering during all seasons. Moreover, the hinterland offers long-lasting mountain bike and racing bike excursions, together with wonderful itineraries to discover on horseback.
If you practice team sports, Bardolino offers a public football field and a basketball court. There are also tennis and golf fields with only a few kilometers in between. The “Golf Club Ca’ degli Ulivi” in Costermano sul Garda is the closest one. If you are thirsty of emotions and you love wild nature, you can go up to Monte Baldo. Here you will find a different landscape and different experiences: if you love walking in close contact with nature you can choose nordic walking or trail; if you’re already an expert, you can choose climbing or via ferratas but also hang gliding and paragliding.


The following table shows some of the itineraries available by bike or on foot to discover the lake and its hills. They go from the easiest ones within everyone’s means to those dedicated to the most trained people. Remember that in Bardolino you can rent bikes of all kind, suitable for adults and children. The first two itineraries follow the cycling and pedestrian routes beside the lake; if you need a break, along the road you will find bars and kiosks with all kind of services n.b. The length and travel time of the routes refer to round trip.


See the table below to discover all the routes available in Bardolino

Starting from the port in the village centre, the route goes north towards punta Cornicello and then straight on along the lake. Now you’ve reached Garda old town. If you want you can proceed up to the picturesque Punta San Vigilio.

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Bardolino Route

The Bardolino route is a newly projected cycle pedestrian path started from the collaboration of seven districts, including Bardolino, and financed by the Gal Baldo Lessinia Association. The project aims to enhance the big value of local resources: both the historical and cultural ones, together with landscape and food and wine tradition; it is precisely from the Bardolino wine that that this range of beautiful routes takes inspiration.

All the participating districts are in fact ones of the major producers of Bardolino Classico. Particularly, together with Bardolino, the other districts are: Affi, Cavaion Veronese, Costermano sul Garda, Garda and Rivoli.

Bardolino route, about 140 km long overall, is made of 18 paths of different lengths (from the shorter ones of about 3 km to the more difficult ones extending for about 20 km) accessible both on foot and with your bike. Each path leads to discover the less known beauties of the local territory and each of them crosses the local farms producing the Bardolino Doc. The presence of poster boards and signals facilitates each path, including a Qr code allowing to directly download the gpx map and find all the equipped area you are looking for, free parking areas as well as to get information and curiosities about the major areas along the whole route.

While crossing these paths, you’ll be surrounded by green hills and vineyards, as well as historic villages and you can enjoy pleasant pit stops in numerous farms to taste wine and other local products. So, it means a range of paths not only for outdoor excursions enthusiasts but also for those who are simply curious or wanting to discover new and genuine tastes.

Bardolino route: the numbers

involved districts
different paths
1 km
long overall
Qr code – equipped signals
involved farms

Paths startings from Bardolino

Bardolino is usually well-known for its lake, pubs and restaurants and beaches but it is very much more than this: by simply moving just a few meters from the most chaotic areas of the city center you’ll be surprised. This ancient village has much more to tell; to do the itineraries means to enhance your traveling and discover all the shades Bardolino offers you.

Going through green hills full of luxuriant vineyards, hamlets, churches and monasteries you can keep in touch with the very and deepest soul of this special place: Just those monasteries, as an example, remember us that doctors in the Middle ages invented the vineyards and olive trees coltivation in this areas. It’s precisely in this far away past that we can find the origins of the current products of excellence such as the Bardolino wine and its traditions.

Eremo di San Giorgio

Venturing into Bardolino interlands means to enjoy the silence and slow rhythm of these places and in the meantime it gives you the opportunity to start an engaging experience.

Just starting from Bardolino, two different courses are available: number 4 (4 km) and number 5 (12 km) both including a rich tasting experience of local wine and food at all the 28 local farms producing Bardolino DOC.

It is just the work of these kind of realities that we can admire the rural landscape surrounding the lake still today: with their commitment they helped in preserving the natural landscape characterizing Bardolino.

Farms producing Bardolino DOC

The surroundings

After visiting Bardolino with all its opportunities and experiences, you can move to numerous places that can be easily reached through different means of transport. As a matter of fact Bardolino is not only a wonderful place to stay in, but also a strategic point to reach other destinations on the lake, in the hinterland and on Monte Baldo. Bardolino is also close to numerous amusement parks, water parks, thermal baths and other tourist attractions. Moreover, it is only thirty kilometers away from Verona.

Other destinations on the lake

If you can’t wait to discover all the shades of Lake Garda, all you have to do is going around the towns and villages throughout its shores. The landscape gradually changes offering unknown landscapes and multiple feelings. The villages and towns which are closer to Bardolino, such as Garda and Lazise, can be reached on foot or by bike through the cycling and pedestrian routes; on the other hand, there are also many ways to reach the farthest ones: sport lovers can reach them by bike, while couples can choose a motor-scooter and families with kids can reach them by car. In Bardolino, you can rent all means of transport. You can also choose the ferries from Bardolino and Cisano to reach the other lake towns such as Riva del Garda (the northernmost one) or Sirmione (on the opposite side) holding a Romanesque house known as “Grotte di Catullo”; on the western shore there is Gardone Riviera holding the famous “Vittoriale degli Italiani” that is the historical complex built by the Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio
Sirmione Castle
The hills and Monte Baldo
The neighbouring towns of the hinterland can be visited too, as well as Monte Baldo and its natural beauties; you can reach it through the Malcesine cable car with its panoramic rotating cabins. And that’s only a taste! On Monte Baldo you can also practice sport such as nordic walking or paragliding and, in winter, snowboard, snowshoeing and skiing with an extraordinary view over the lake. An amazing mystical place in the heart of the Monte Baldo rocks is also worth discovering: the Santuario della Madonna della Corona, hanging between earth and sky, grabbed on to the rocks of the surrounding mountains and overhanging over the Val d’Adige. It is the perfect place for those who are looking for peace and meditation and it is also appreciated by trekking enthusiasts: the wooded path up to the sacred place has a difference in height of about 600 meters with more than 1500 steps and a 2 hours walking route.
Amazing view from Monte Baldo


The city of Love, of Romeo and Juliet but above all a town full of history and art. Here you can visit the famous Arena, the Roman amphitheatre located in the very heart of the town holding concerts and opera seasons, the Majestic Castelvecchio with its Scaliger bridge and the large squares such as Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra, connected with each other throughout via Mazzini, the popular shopping street.
From Bardolino you can easily reach this wonderful place: numerous tour operators organize day-trips to Venice, an extremely charming city, with its canals and bridges and the famous Piazza San Marco; you can also enjoy a romantic gondola ride.
The Verona Arena

Near Bardolino you can find amusement parks, water parks and many other attractions.

Water parks

Slides, falls and water games to spend a relaxing and cheerful summer day. Rio Valli Water Park
 Slides, swimming pools for adults and children, restaurant and picnic area. 7,5 km away from Bardolino Localita’ Fosse Cavaion Veronese (VR) Caneva Aquapark
 A water park full of slides within a tropical environment. 9 km away from Bardolino
 Via Fossalta, 58, Lazise, (VR)

Amusement parks

You will find the biggest themed parks for adults and children; a good time and adrenaline rush are guaranteed with their attractions. Movieland Park
 Cinema-inspired attractions and entertainment 
9 km away from Bardolino
 Via Fossalta 56, Lazise (VR) Gardaland
 A magic world of fun for your family 
13 km away from Bardolino
 Via Derna 4, Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)

Thermal baths and wellness centres

The perfect place to restore yourself through the healthy properties of thermal water and to cope with stress through sauna, Turkish bath and water massage. Gardacqua Wellness & Spa
Fun and relaxation with swimming pools surrounded by olive trees. 5 km away from Bardolino
 Via Cirillo Salaorni, 10 Garda (VR) Villa dei Cedri A natural spa with thermal lakes, water massage and fountains. 6 km away from Bardolino Piazza di Sopra, 4 Colà di Lazise (VR) Aquardens Thermal water tubs and a whole village full of outdoor saunas. 16 km away from Bardolino
 Via Valpolicella, 63 Pescantina (VR) Aquaria Thermal SPA An oasis of health surrounded by a wide park. 30 km away from Bardolino Piazza Don A. Piatti 1, Sirmione (BS)

Nature and adventure

A huge selection of places dedicated to those who love pure nature, animals, gardens in flower and adventures. Sea life Aquarium A journey among sea creatures such as jellyfishes and sharks. 13 km away from Bardolino Via Derna 4,Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) Parco Natura Viva A natural zoological garden with a Safari Park which also carries out European projects for the protection of endangered species. 14 km away from Bardolino
 Località Quercia, Bussolengo (VR) Jungle Adventure Park Adventurous routes hanging on ropes and high speed Zipline. 15 km away from Bardolino
 Via Pineta Sperane, 37010 San Zeno di Montagna (VR) Parco Giardino Sigurtà An amazing natural park with coloured flowers, small lakes and a labyrinth. 26 km from Bardolino
 Via Cavour, 1, 37067 Valeggio Sul Mincio (VR) Parco delle Cascate Sparkling waterfalls along a path surrounded by rocks and woods. 32 km away from BardolinoVia Bacilieri 1, Molina di Fumane, (VR)

Shopping centers

What if it’s raining? You can have a walk at the Shopping Center; the closest ones are: Grand’Affi Shopping Center Shops of all kind; open every day, from Monday to Sunday. 9 km away from BardolinoLocalità Canove, 1 Affi (VR) La Grande Mela Shoppingland A lot of shops with cinema, bowling and baby area at the first floor. 20 km away from BardolinoVia Trentino 1, Sona (VR)