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Monte Baldo

The mountain above Bardolino

Lake Garda is dominated by the Monte Baldo: it is a mountain range belonging to the Garda Pre-alps, divided between the provinces of Verona and Trento, with a maximum height of 2218 m.It is also known as Hortus Europae (Europe Garden) for its variegated flora including 1952 flower and plant species.

The Monte Baldo features different climates, each one having its typical flora. The list of protected species includes the orchid; uprooting it is strictly forbidden.

Monte Baldo flora

Together with the lush flora, the mountain region also features numerous wild animal species such as chamois, marmots, roe deer, hares, pheasant, fox, badger and various snake species (almost of all them are harmless). The fauna also includes about 150 bird species.

The Monte Baldo increases the landscape beauty while attracting both photography and sport enthusiasts: they can choose between trekking, Nordic walking, mountain-bike, via ferratas and climbing.