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A green oasis and a Mediterranean climate

Climate and flora

The basin of Garda forms part of a continental region but the climate is mediterranean due to the presence of a large body of water: the lake indeed holds the summer heat thus redistributing it during winter and making the climate milder.

At the same time the mountains protect the Garda from the cold winds coming from the north.

This mild climate engendered a mediterranean flora.

The country and its flora

There are indeed citrus plantations such as orange, lemon and cedar tree and bergamot, mainly located on the Brescia shore of the lake, also known as Riviera dei Limoni; but also olive trees and vites beside the Verona shore, known as Riviera degli Olivi.

Furthermore, the local flora includes chestnut trees, walnut trees, cypresses, palm trees, agave and wild plants such as dictamnus albus, rosa canina, oleander, osyris alba and forsythia.


The lake is the natural habitat of more than twenty-five fish species.

An endemic species of Lake Garda is the carp, a fish belonging to the salmonidae family; it was already known in ancient time but today it is threatened with extinction. The local fauna also includes alburnus alborella, barbel, squalius cephalus, northern pike, tench and lake trout.

There are also numerous waterfowls such as ducks, mallards, herons, coots and swans. The most common wee-footed bird is the seagull.


Lake Garda is interested by unpredictable airstreams, winds and breezes due to its position and shape; it is surrounded by the Baldo range to the east and the Trento-Brescia chain to the west and it has a funnel shape shrinking towards the north.

it is a strong wind of summer coming from Valle di Ledro during morning and evening hours besides the riverbed of the Ponal river after which it is named.

it precedes bad weather coming from the south-east. It is caused by the Adriatic low-pressure area or the Bora; it can be very dangerous due to his strength and the swell that engendered it.


it has variable strength and it usually precedes good weather. It blows in the morning or evening and it comes from the west.

the “king” of the Garda winds, it means really good weather. It comes from the north and it blows on the whole basin. It is constant and continuous during summer season. It is perfect to windsurf!

it blows from Garda towards Sirmione.


it comes after a significant drop in temperature. It strongly shakes the lake water when it hits the shores with all its strength.


it is a constant and usually weak wind blowing on summer; it precedes good weather and it gives the lake a blue-green colour. It blows to the east from the first hours of the afternoon to the sunset.


it comes from San Vigilio blowing towards the south and it is caused by bad weather.

its name comes from the Latin word “aura” which means breeze; it comes from the Po valley and it blows at high speed towards the centre and the north of Garda.

it is a constant wind coming from the south-east and mainly blowing towards the south; it blows early in the afternoon only for a few hours.

“Tutto è azzurro, come un’ebbrezza improvvisa, come un capo che si rovescia per ricevere un bacio profondo. Il lago è di una bellezza indicibile”

Gabriele D'Annunzio