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The Bardolino route

Discovering the territory and wineries of Bardolino

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The Bardolino route is a newly projected cycle pedestrian path started from the collaboration of seven districts, including Bardolino, and financed by the Gal Baldo Lessinia Association. The project aims to enhance the big value of local resources: both the historical and cultural ones, together with landscape and food and wine tradition; it is precisely from the Bardolino wine that that this range of beautiful routes takes inspiration. All the participating districts are in fact ones of the major producers of Bardolino Classico. Particularly, together with Bardolino, the other districts are: Affi, Cavaion Veronese, Costermano sul Garda, Garda and Rivoli.

Bardolino route, about 140 km long overall, is made of 18 paths of different lengths (from the shorter ones of about 3 km to the more difficult ones extending for about 20 km) accessible both on foot and with your bike. Each path leads to discover the less known beauties of the local territory and each of them crosses the local farms producing the Bardolino Doc. The presence of poster boards and signals facilitates each path, including a Qr code allowing to directly download the gpx map and find all the equipped area you are looking for, free parking areas as well as to get information and curiosities about the major areas along the whole route.

While crossing these paths, you’ll be surrounded by green hills and vineyards, as well as historic villages and you can enjoy pleasant pit stops in numerous farms to taste wine and other local products. So, it means a range of paths not only for outdoor excursions enthusiasts but also for those who are simply curious or wanting to discover new and genuine tastes.

Bardolino route: the numbers

involved districts
different paths
long overall
1 km
Qr code – equipped signals
involved farms

Paths startings from Bardolino

Bardolino is usually well-known for its lake, pubs and restaurants and beaches but it is very much more than this: by simply moving just a few meters from the most chaotic areas of the city center you’ll be surprised. This ancient village has much more to tell; to do the itineraries means to enhance your traveling and discover all the shades Bardolino offers you.

Going through green hills full of luxuriant vineyards, hamlets, churches and monasteries you can keep in touch with the very and deepest soul of this special place: Just those monasteries, as an example, remember us that doctors in the Middle ages invented the vineyards and olive trees coltivation in this areas. It’s precisely in this far away past that we can find the origins of the current products of excellence such as the Bardolino wine and its traditions.

Eremo di San Giorgio

Venturing into Bardolino interlands means to enjoy the silence and slow rhythm of these places and in the meantime it gives you the opportunity to start an engaging experience.

Just starting from Bardolino, two different courses are available: number 4 (4 km) and number 5 (12 km) both including a rich tasting experience of local wine and food at all the 28 local farms producing Bardolino DOC.

It is just the work of these kind of realities that we can admire the rural landscape surrounding the lake still today: with their commitment they helped in preserving the natural landscape characterizing Bardolino.

Farms producing Bardolino DOC